5 Haircuts for Long Slender Faces

Looking for a haircut to flatter a long, narrow face?  The cuts best suited for a long face shape will add width at the cheekbones, giving the face a rounder dimension.  

Here are our 5 top picks to draw out the width of your face!


Shoulder length waves.  Source:    Pinterest

Shoulder length waves.  Source: Pinterest

Shoulder-length hair is super flattering on an elongated face shape.  Tousled waves add width at the cheekbones, making the face appear more rounded.


Chin-length bob.  Source:    Pinterest

Chin-length bob.  Source: Pinterest

A chin-length bob creates the illusion of width on both sides of the face.  The shorter cut means hair will be more voluminous and bouncy as it is not weighed down from excessive length.  This creates volume and adds fullness to a thinner face.


Curvy bangs.  Source:    Pinterest

Curvy bangs.  Source: Pinterest

Bangs in general work super well on an elongated face because they shorten its appearance.  Curvy bangs (where the bangs are longer on the sides) add a frame around your eyes.


Blunt bangs.  Source:    Pinterest

Blunt bangs.  Source: Pinterest

Straight-across bangs also work well to widen the appearance of the face.  Just make sure to keep them long (so that they hit near the eyebrows).  Higher bangs will make a long face appear even more elongated.


Big volume on the sides.  Source :   Pinterest

Big volume on the sides.  SourcePinterest

In general, shorter haircuts are more flattering on a long face shape because they add width at the sides of the face, balancing out the length.  Long cuts, particularly anything sleek and straight, will make a long face appear even more elongated.  

Let's face it though, some of us just love mega-length (and we at the Mane Society can certainly relate!) ... so no worries if you can't stand the thought of chopping off your locks - there's one long hair option that's super flattering for an elongated face: big loose curls and waves.  

Big waves add body next to the face, thereby creating the appearance of more width.  The only caveat?  To achieve mega volume on the sides while still keeping it long, you need a super thick head of hair.  If you weren't born with it, big volume can be achieved with high quality tape-in and micro bead hair extensions.  To learn more about getting beautiful, affordable semi-permanent hair extensions check out the Mane Society Pricing guide.

Top Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thin Hair

We all want that thick, bouncy, beautiful hair that every celebrity seems to have been blessed with (for the record, they pretty much all have hair extensions).  Thick, lush hair catches the eye and conveys youth and good health, so it's no wonder that hair extensions are increasingly popular (and if you're in the NYC area and interested in affordable, top quality human hair extensions, the Mane Society is here to help.

But you don't have to get hair extensions to create the appearance of bigger hair; volume-enhancing haircuts and hairstyles can do wonders.  Here are a few of our favorite go-big-or-go-home cuts and styles :

Deep Side Part

Deep side part for extra volume on top. Source:    Pinterest

Deep side part for extra volume on top. Source: Pinterest

See how effectively that deep part + big hair swoop creates mega volume at the roots?  This is one of the best hairstyles for creating the illusion of volume.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob.  Source:    Pinterest

Asymmetrical Bob.  Source: Pinterest

An bob cut with asymmetrical lengths on each side and angled downwards will bring the focus away from the roots, so you don't notice a lack of volume as you would with other types of hair cuts.  The deep part makes hair appear thicker as well.

Faux Bob

Faux Bob.  Source:    Pinterest

Faux Bob.  Source: Pinterest

A faux bob can make your hair so much more voluminous.  These are a bit tricky though, so here is a good tutorial to help you create this look yourself.

Hot Roller Hair

Maybe use actual rollers instead of cans though. Source:    Pinterest

Maybe use actual rollers instead of cans though. Source: Pinterest

Remember when everyone seemed to have HUGE hair?  It was the 1980s, and the cultural motto of the decade was "bigger is better", hair included.  Old school hot rollers really do wonders for creating mega volume at the roots.  Check out this tutorial!

Chop it Off!

Short and Sweet. Source:    Pinterest

Short and Sweet. Source: Pinterest

Perhaps you're thinking "Well duh!!"... but you'd be surprised by how many people grow their hair long in the hopes that more length will somehow make the hair look more full overall.  The reality is that the longer your hair gets, the more it weighs itself down, making it look flat at the roots and stringy at the ends.  Short, layered hair can vastly cover up your lack of fullness. This is typically why older women suffering from hair loss decide to go shorter.  So for bigger volume, go short!

If, however, your heart is set on long hair, there are new and exciting hair extension methods available today that affordably help tackle thin hair. (We at the Mane Society highly recommend tape-in hair extensions.)  Investing in semi-permanent hair extensions will help you achieve length and fullness like you’ve never seen.

For a consultation with the Mane Society, click here. 

Hair Inspiration. Source:    Pinterest

Hair Inspiration. Source: Pinterest

A Guide to KeraTip Hair Extensions

What is the KeraTip method?

KeraTip is a fusion method by which individual strands, pre-tipped with a keratin-based adhesive, are attached to your natural hair using a heat fusing tool.  Super popular among celebrities, KeraTip and other fusion methods are the most expensive options for hair extensions.  


KeraTip uses a clear adhesive resulting in a  more natural look than some of the other fusion methods.

What type of hair is used?

Fusion hair extensions, including KeraTip, are typically made of real human hair, not synthetic hair (and the Mane Society only uses real hair).  With real hair, you can wash and style your extensions as you would your normal hair.  Specifically, the hair used is often Remy, which is smooth human hair where the cuticles are in tact with layers facing in the same direction.

How long do Keratip extensions last?

With KeraTip and other fusion extensions, the bonds need to be maintained every 6 weeks. During a maintenance appointment, a stylist will remove the keratin using an alcohol-based solution and rebond the hair close to the scalp.  Because the hair is being rebonded each time, the hair itself typically holds up for less time than micro bead, sew-in, or even tape-in— just 3 to 6 months. Also, if you color your hair or have naturally weak hair, hot fusion probably isn’t for you as the hot keratin process will degrade it further.

What do they cost?

Fusion extensions, including KeraTip, typically cost $2,000 and up for installation and $600 and up for maintenance.   

What lengths and textures are available with KeraTip?  

KeraTip sells 12", 14", 16", 18", 20" and 22" hair extensions and the textures include Straight, Body Wave and Deep Wave.  They are available in dozens of colors so it's easy to get a color that will blend well with your natural hair.

WHAT other top brands are available besides KERATIP?

Other high quality fusion brands to consider include Great Length, Hair Dreams, Balmain and SoCap.  


Fusion extensions, including KeraTip, provide beautiful results.  But they do come with a hefty price tag, so check out some of the more affordable alternatives before you make a decision.

And if you're in the NYC area and interested in getting high quality, affordable hair extensions from the comfort of your home, the Mane Society offers tape in and micro bead extensions for $600-$900 for placement, and $239/month for maintenance.  For more information, check out our Mane Society pricing guide.


5 Favorite Beauty Blogs

For everything from the latest product releases, beauty trends, expert tips and how-to's, here is a round up of our 5 favorite beauty blogs, and the brilliant women behind them!


Source:     Twitter

Source: Twitter

Founded by Creative Director Bree Steinbronn early this year, lovelierie is an online beauty publication that is oh-so-gorgeous - think beauty blog meets art gallery.  Covering all things makeup and beauty, the website is thoughtfully written and filled with stellar makeup tips and tutorials, as well as interviews with interesting subjects, including top industry experts.  

Founder Bree brings a fresh perspective to the world of beauty blogs: "Talking about fun, fluffy beauty topics doesn't mean that you have to reinforce the idea that a woman's worth comes from what she looks like.  It is entirely possible to discuss beauty products without telling readers 'You have to fix your physical flaws with makeup and here is how to do it'."  And lovelierie does just that - it's team of writers delivers excellent content, published daily and conveniently categorized so that you can easily browse whatever piques your interest.

Speaking of her lovelierie colleagues, Bree says "Not to sound completely cliché, but it is amazing to be able to work with such a talented, innovative and brilliant team. Everyone brings something unique to the table and everyone has their own opinion, voice and perspective."  It's that collaboration of various viewpoints which makes lovelierie such a dynamic, interesting publication - we cannot get enough of this gorgeous site! 

Check out:  lovelierie



Source:     Twitter

Source: Twitter

Eileen Dautruche is the lovely (and often hilarious) New York City-based blogger behind Miss Whoever You Are.  Focused on beauty, fashion and style, Eileen delivers great content in a manner that is honest, straightforward and refreshingly funny.

Her beauty posts cover everything from drug store buys to high-end brands and her product reviews are thorough and totally on point.  For anyone looking for thoughtful product recommendations and reviews of the latest beauty product releases, this blog is absolutely one of our favorites!

Check out:  Miss Whoever You Are


3) A Model Recommends

Launched in 2010 by international fashion model turned blogger Ruth Crilly, A Model Recommends offers the reader beauty knowledge and know-how from an industry expert, as well as other categories such as fashion, travel, books and (more recently) a baby blog!

On her website, Ruth explains that through the 10+ years she spent as a fashion model she has developed a "genuine and deep interest in skincare, cosmetics, diet and body maintenance".  And her website is truly a testament to that interest and expertise.  Ruth demonstrates a deep understanding of the often opaque world of beauty products – the efficacy of ingredients and formulations, what works with what skin types, as well as her own personal beauty routines.  She also shows an appreciation for the little luxuries that these products can provide – texture, scent, the packaging – none of these are lost on Ruth.  Charming, witty and a good writer to boot – this blog is a joy to read! 

Check out:  A Model Recommends


4) Beauty is Boring  

Source:     Soma Magazine

Source: Soma Magazine

Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing boring about this gorgeous, photo-journalistic blog.  Created in 2012 by makeup artist and photographer Robin Black, Beauty is Boring features stunning models showcasing equally stunning makeup looks, from the soft and natural to the edgy and colorful.  

Her posts explain what products were used with links to buy everything you need to recreate the looks yourself.  For anyone interested in seeing products in action and trying out new makeup looks, we cannot recommend this beautiful blog enough!  

Check out:  Beauty is Boring


5) I Covet Thee

Source:     I Covet Thee

Source: I Covet Thee

This super pretty blog was created in 2011 by Alix Coburn, a "self professed makeup and cosmetics obsessive."  Focused on beauty, fashion and travel, her content is excellent – thorough reviews of the latest skincare and make up products, what she’s currently using, and her own personal beauty routines.  

Her Instagram page is totally addictive too.  Filled with gorgeous, whimsical photographs – Alix has a great eye of all things lovely.  Her Chihuahua Moon is pretty darn adorable as well.

Check out:  I Covet Thee

5 Foods for Thicker Hair!

While there's no magical elixir that can transform a sparse head of hair into Rapunzel-esque locks (for that you need Mane Society!), you can still optimize what you're born with by incorporating nutrition-packed foods into your diet.  Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair to become thin and brittle, so try these 5 foods to maximize the health and thickness of your locks! 

#1 Eggs

Eggs are a great source of Biotin, which helps build keratin, the major component in hair (biotin is actually very popular in supplement form to promote hair growth).  Eggs are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which keep your scalp and hair healthy, and offer a nice dose of Vitamin D and protein. 

#2 almonds

Almonds are a good source of magnesium, essential for healthy hair (magnesium deficiency has been linked to hair loss).  Almonds also contain Biotin, protein, and Vitamin E, among other important nutrients.

#3 Avocado

Avocados are rich in a ton of nutrients, including Vitamins B, C, E and K, and omega-3s, all of which promote hair health and growth.  

#4 salmon

Salmon is chock-full Vitamin D, which helps prevent breakage and keeps your hair follicles healthy.  It's also a great source of protein and omega-3s.  

#5 Oysters

Oysters are super rich in Zinc, an important nutrient for hair growth.  Zinc helps repair damaged hair follicles and regulates the production of androgens (low levels of androgens can cause hair loss and slow hair growth).  

Incorporating these tasty, nutritious foods will help make you the most of what mother nature gave you, ensuring your hair grows as thick and healthy as possible.  

But if you want a true hair transformation - long, thick, beautiful locks beyond what any dietary adjustments could provide - well, that's where we come in :)






Ombre, Sombre, Balayage, Flamboyage - Deciphering the Hottest Hair Trends!

Every new season ushers in another hot color trend, each one more difficult to pronounce than the one before.  Here is a breakdown of some of the top coloring techniques, so you can waltz into your salon confident of what you're asking for AND how to say it!

Balayage (ba-lee-yahge)

Balayage is a highlighting method in which the colorist hand paints small sections of the hair to create a natural look - long summers spent in the sunshine.  The technique has been around a very long time (I first tried it in England when I was 19 ... which is longer ago than I'm willing to admit), but it's definitely become way more popular in recent years, and we think it's here to stay!

The literal translation of balayage means "to sweep".  Highlights are painted free-hand, without foils.  They can be painted from root to ends, or from the mid-shaft to ends (ombre - see next section). It's a popular choice among celebrities and the results can be stunning:


Blonde balayage hightlights.  Source:    Pinterest

Blonde balayage hightlights.  Source: Pinterest

One of the benefits of balayage is that you can go much longer between appointments versus traditional highlights.  The hair is painted on to become light and brighter towards the ends (mimicking how your hair naturally lightens in the sun), so you avoid the jarring demarcation line that you get with all over color or full head highlights.  It's great for anyone who doesn't want to have to rush back to the salon every 6 weeks for root touch ups.  

Ombre / Sombre (om-bray / som-bray) 

Another hand painting technique, ombre (literally "shaded in French) refers to the gradual shift from one color to another, usually from a darker color at the roots to a lighter color near the ends.  Depending on the look you want to achieve, this technique can be dramatic (think deep brunette roots shifting to platinum ends) or subtle (think dark blond roots shifting to medium golden ends).

The subtle version of ombre has it's own name - sombre - basically "soft ombre", providing a similar effect but with more natural results, a subtle transition from roots to ends. With ombre and sombre,  there's no need for constant touch ups.  In fact, the whole point is the roots/ends contrast, so you can let your hair grow for months without returning to the salon.  

               Sombre                                Ombre

( Source: Pinterest,  Pinterest)

In our book (and yes, perhaps we are slightly biased), the biggest perk to ombre/sombre hair is that it's low maintenance, leaving you room to redirect your higher maintenance tendencies towards hair endeavors that make a bigger impact on your overall look (aka long, gorgeous, hair extensions!)

Flamboyage (flam-boy-yahge) 

Another low maintenance hair color trend, Flamboyage is a combination of balayage and ombre.  Created by Angelo Seminara, the artistic director at Davines, the technique uses clear adhesives strips, allowing better control since the colorist can easily see the color development. This is a great technique for anyone looking for subtle results, and a more natural appearance.

Flamboyage.  Source:    Pinterest

Flamboyage.  Source: Pinterest


Babylights are basically just super tiny highlights. Foils are placed primarily around the face, sometimes with only a few strands per foil.  The results are soft and super natural.  They're called babylights because they are supposed to recreate the natural highlights you had as a kid.  Perfect for anyone intimidated by a major change or anyone looking to avoid frequent trips to the salon (Babylights grow out beautifully so 2-3 trips to the salon per year will do the trick!)

Babylights.  Source :   Pinterest

Babylights.  SourcePinterest

Rinse and Repeat : Best Shampoos and Conditioners for your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are certainly an investment, of your money and of your time, but the right products will help extend the life of your extensions, keeping them bouncy and vibrant.

Here are some of our favorite shampoos and conditioners to help keep your locks looking like you just stepped out the salon: 

#1 Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner


We LOVE Pureology's super gentle, mega moisturizing formulas.  Its anti-face complex is excellent for color treated hair too.  And the smell!  Divine.  

#2 Matrix Bioloage Keratindos Shampoo and Conditioner

Free of sulfates and parabens, the Matrix Keratindose line is another super moisturizing option that does wonders for damaged or over-processed hair.  It's a surprisingly economical one too -  $54 for the 1L duo.

But if money is no object, you cant go wrong with...

#3 Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste and Maskeratine (shampoo and conditioning mask) 

Super luxurious and packed with amino acids and ceramides, these two will leave your hair silky smooth and so so soft.      

And for the more cost conscious consumer, here's our favorite pick for an extension-friendly shampoo and conditioner that wont break the bank :

#4 Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Creamy cleansing, and deep conditioning - these two leave hair super smooth and shiny.

#5 Living proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner

We love all of the Living proof shampoos and conditioners, but the Perfect hair Day (PhD) line is probably our #1.  Super nourishing formulas that don't weigh hair down - bounce and volume with softness... perfection!