5 Haircuts for Long Slender Faces

Looking for a haircut to flatter a long, narrow face?  The cuts best suited for a long face shape will add width at the cheekbones, giving the face a rounder dimension.  

Here are our 5 top picks to draw out the width of your face!


Shoulder length waves.  Source:    Pinterest

Shoulder length waves.  Source: Pinterest

Shoulder-length hair is super flattering on an elongated face shape.  Tousled waves add width at the cheekbones, making the face appear more rounded.


Chin-length bob.  Source:    Pinterest

Chin-length bob.  Source: Pinterest

A chin-length bob creates the illusion of width on both sides of the face.  The shorter cut means hair will be more voluminous and bouncy as it is not weighed down from excessive length.  This creates volume and adds fullness to a thinner face.


Curvy bangs.  Source:    Pinterest

Curvy bangs.  Source: Pinterest

Bangs in general work super well on an elongated face because they shorten its appearance.  Curvy bangs (where the bangs are longer on the sides) add a frame around your eyes.


Blunt bangs.  Source:    Pinterest

Blunt bangs.  Source: Pinterest

Straight-across bangs also work well to widen the appearance of the face.  Just make sure to keep them long (so that they hit near the eyebrows).  Higher bangs will make a long face appear even more elongated.


Big volume on the sides.  Source :   Pinterest

Big volume on the sides.  SourcePinterest

In general, shorter haircuts are more flattering on a long face shape because they add width at the sides of the face, balancing out the length.  Long cuts, particularly anything sleek and straight, will make a long face appear even more elongated.  

Let's face it though, some of us just love mega-length (and we at the Mane Society can certainly relate!) ... so no worries if you can't stand the thought of chopping off your locks - there's one long hair option that's super flattering for an elongated face: big loose curls and waves.  

Big waves add body next to the face, thereby creating the appearance of more width.  The only caveat?  To achieve mega volume on the sides while still keeping it long, you need a super thick head of hair.  If you weren't born with it, big volume can be achieved with high quality tape-in and micro bead hair extensions.  To learn more about getting beautiful, affordable semi-permanent hair extensions check out the Mane Society Pricing guide.