22 Hair Extensions Pros and Cons [List]

Thinking about hair extensions, but wonder if they are too good to be true? We know how it is. The Instagram and Pinterest photos are following you around. Intricate fish braids. Flowy beach hair. Princess wedding hair.  What's the deal?

Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular, but they still aren't cheap. Check out our list below of hair extensions pro's and cons, plus 3 review videos of popular extensions methods! 

Hair Extensions Pro's

  1. Add length
  2. Add volume 
  3. Try new and exciting hairstyles (e.g. fishtail braid)
  4. Try highlights and lowlights without coloring your own hair
  5. Save money on hair salon visits as you're happy with your new hair
  6. Gain confidence
  7. Hair styling is often easier as quality extensions air dry well
  8. Cover any hair loss
  9. Look great in pictures
  10. Get a multidimensional cut that complements your face shape
  11. Cover a bad haircut with extensions while your hair grows!
  12. Look more youthful

Hair Extensions Cons:

  1. As beauty regiments go, this is a substantial investment
  2. Maintenance visits with a stylist every 6 weeks
  3. Depending on the extension, intallation can take up to 4 hours
  4. If the extension isn't the right one for you, it actually damage your hair
  5. Good hair extensionists are tough to find (but if you're NYC, Mane Society's got you!)
  6. Good human hair is tough to find (but if you're in NYC, Mane Society's got you)
  7. Depending on your stylist's experience, hair extensions can be slightly uncomfortable
  8. You'll probably need to modify your hair product regiment
  9. You'll need to carefully care for your hair, brushing 3x per day and braiding at night
  10. It's soooooo addicting. (You'll love it!)

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