How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How much do hair extensions cost?

The cost of hair extensions range depending hair extension method, type of hair, and a stylist’s experience. They can cost anywhere between $200 - $3,000 for installation and $100 - $600 for maintenance every 6-8 weeks. That’s a big range, so let’s break it down further. 

No matter what kind of extension you choose, when you purchase hair extensions, you’re paying for the actual hair, materials used to attach the extension (e.g. keratin and micro beads), and a professional’s time installing and blending the extensions. 

How much does human hair cost versus synthetic hair? 

First off, synthetic hair is less expensive than human hair. If you are looking for a Halloween wig or extensions, synthetic may be a great option of you. But if you are looking to blend extensions with your hair for a natural appearance, synthetic hair will not conform, style, and last in your hair. Synthetic is much easier to damage with chemicals and hot tools. Thus, synthetic hair is typically 25-50% the cost of human hair.

As for human hair, the cost ranges by quality, length, and kind of hair. The quality is dictated by the hair health. Top quality hair (a.k.a. Remy hair) is often identified as having:

  • Hair cuticle layers in the same direction
  • Healthy hair shaft - not porous
  • Recently cut hair
  • Hair all one length

How much do clip in extensions cost?

If you’d like extensions for 1-3 days for a special event, you can consider clip-in hair extensions. It is possible to purchase hair pieces and clip-ins online and do them yourself; however, a professional will help you blend them with your natural hair. (No one wants fake-looking extensions!) 

You can purchase a full head of human clip-in hair online from a store like Bellami for about $200. Visiting a salon for clip-ins will typically run you about $250 - $600, depending on the salon and your desired hair length. After your clip-in installation, you can return to the salon for re-installation, which can range from $100 - $200, pending your salon. 

How much do tape-in and micro bead hair extensions cost? 

Tape-in and micro bead hair extensions are a semi-permanent extension methods that need to be maintained every 6 weeks. As a reference point, the Mane Society offers this extension method at an incredibly reasonable price: $849 for installation (including hair) and $249/mo for maintenance. Additional fees apply for hair longer than 20” and custom color mixing. However, we’ve seen salons double this in price, and vary maintenance appointments— so you’ll need to visit for a consultation


How much do fusion hair extensions cost? 

Both hot and cold fusion hair extensions are semi-permanent extension methods that need to be maintained every 6 weeks as well. The cost of these extensions tend to be on the higher end of $2,000+ for installation and $600+ for maintenance. 

If you’d like to learn more about these hair extensions and options, visit NYC Extensions Salons by 5 Methods.