NYC Hair Extensions Salons by 5 Methods [Guide]

New York City is the fourth fashion capital of the world, making looks not just a priority, but a hobby for most city dwellers. And with 18,500 Yelp results for the search hair salon in NYC, you would think it should be easy to find the right hair extensions for you. But it's surprisingly hard!

There are several different types of hair extensions methods, but you'll find only a few NYC hair extensions professionals in the city— and sparse information about them. This guide is here to help with information about five hair extensions methods and where you can get them in Manhattan:

1. Micro Bead Hair Extensions in NYC

Micro bead (a.k.a. micro link) hair extensions are semi-permanent hair extensions where hair is attached to your own hair next to the scalp using small beads. The extension hair “iTipped,” where is bundled at 0.5-1.0 grams in weight and glued together at the tip. The iTip of the hair extension and your own hair is threaded into the bead, and then the bead is clamped tightly closed. To maintain the extensions, the beads need to be moved closer to your scalp about every 6 weeks. Often times the stylist will check the iTip bond as well, ensuring it is in tact and re-tipping (re-bonding with keratin as needed).

Micro beads image found on  Pinterest .

Micro beads image found on Pinterest.

Micro beading is a popular method for people who would like to add volume and/or length to their hair with a semi-permanent regiment. This method preserves the integrity of the extension hair, allowing you to reuse quality hair for up to 2 years if maintained properly. It works for most hair types; however, it is not recommended for brittle hair as the micro beads and hair weight can cause too much tension and natural hair breakage.

Micro bead hair extensions application before & after found on  Pinterest

Micro bead hair extensions application before & after found on Pinterest

In Manhattan, micro beading can cost anywhere between $849 - $2,000 to install and $150 - $500 per maintenance appointment. The Mane Society provides top notch micro beading NYC hair extensions services to you in the comfort of your home. Our prices are competitive, and our human hair is of the finest quality. In addition, the Mane Society views extensions as a commitment, not a single appointment. We care for our clients' long term hair health and travel to you. If you would like to go to a salon, however, check out Olivia Christiansen salon.


2. Clip-in Hair Extensions in NYC

Clip-in hair extensions are temporary cold fusion hair extensions where the extension is attached to your hair with clips. These are a great way to create longer hair for just 1-3 days for an event such as a wedding. While it is possible to install clip in hair extensions yourself, enlisting a trained professional can help you achieve expertly blended hair.

If you would like to try easy installable systems, check out Luxy Hair or Sally Beauty for a set at $140 - $250. If you would like to go to a salon in Manhattan, check out RPZL, which will run about $250.

3. Sew-in Hair Extensions in NYC

Sew-in (a.k.a. weave) hair extensions are attached to the head by braiding your hair tightly to the scalp, and then attaching wefts of hair to the braids.

A key benefit of this extension is that your hair can be whatever you want it to be. If you’re not a fan of your hair texture, you can basically achieve a whole new head of hair (unlike tape-in or microlink, where your hair is blended with the extension). This also makes for pretty easy maintenance.

Sew-in Hair Extensions found on Pinterest. Credit to  @HairFlicks  on Instagram.

Sew-in Hair Extensions found on Pinterest. Credit to @HairFlicks on Instagram.

Speaking of maintenance, sew-in hair extensions need to be tightened every 3 to 4 months. However, this method is only recommended if you have naturally strong, coarse hair that'll stay in tight braids. This is because he extensions pull on the natural hair braids, acting as anchors for the extensions. This tension can be uncomfortable and cause damage to the natural hair if your natural hair isn't strong.

Sew-in hair extensions (or weaves) typically run about $250 to $500. If you are interested in sew-in extensions, here is a great article on 10 sew-in extension salons and stylists in New York City.

4. Tape-in Hair Extensions in NYC

Tape-in hair extensions are a relatively new semi-permanent method with the shortest time to install. With this method, your hair is sandwiched between two pieces of tape that have hair attached. (Imagine two pieces of tape together with the sticky side facing each other and hair in between.) The tape is placed at the top of the hair shaft, next to the scalp, creating volume from the crown and adding some length if desired.

Tape-in extensions take only about 90 minutes to install about 40 pieces of tape, compared to micro links and sew-in extensions at 3-4 hours. The tape-in hair extension needs to be maintained approximately every 6-8 weeks, where the tape is removed and re-positioned next to the scalp.

Tape-in hair extensions found on  Pinterest

Tape-in hair extensions found on Pinterest

This is an excellent method for women with thin hair as it adds volume from the root, and it also does not place as much concentrated stress on the hair as does, say, micro beads. However, tape-in extensions are not as strongly attached as micro link, and oils can cause the tape to slip. (The tape is actually removed with coconut oil.) As a result, tape-in is probably not your best choice if you’re are interested in adding a lot of length, 6+ inches. In addition, athletes may find that tape-in extensions slip for them as they tend to sweat, wash, and condition their hair more frequently. If you workout 5+ times a week, micro beads or fusion extensions may be better suited for you.

Similar in price to micro beads, tape-in hair extensions can typically range $849 - $1,500 to install and $150 - $500 per maintenance appointment. The Mane Society delivers elite quality tape-in hair extensions to you, but if you’re interested in visiting a salon, RPZL and Aeria Salon also provide this method.

5. Fusion Extensions in NYC

Fusion (a.k.a. hot fusion, cold fusion, or glue-in) hair extensions are bonded with keratin glue to your actual hair at the scalp. Similar to iTip hair, the extension hair is bundled into “strands” of 0.5-1.0 g, except the bond at the top is a flat tip. The flat tip is then melted with a heat tongs tool (hot fusion) or ultrasound tool (cold fusion) around your hair. The stylist typically uses their fingers to mold and shape the keratin around your hair. The result looks a lot like micro beads, where the hair next to the scalp is gathered into tiny bonds; however, because there is no bead or tape, the fusion extension is the least noticeable hair extension method. It also causes less weight and potential discomfort than microbeads.

Fusion extensions are the most traditional kind of extension and are great for clients who want length, volume, and little maintenance. The application takes about 3 hours, and the bonds need to be maintained every 6 weeks. During a maintenance appointment, a stylist will remove the keratin using an alcohol-based solution and rebond the hair close to the scalp.

Because the hair is being rebonded each time, it typically holds up for less time than micro bead, sew-in, or even tape-in— just 3 to 6 months. Also, if you color your hair or have naturally weak hair, hot fusion probably isn’t for you as the hot keratin process will degrade it further.

That said, this is the most seamless method, used by many celebrities, and thus has a big price tag. Chances are, if you’ve been to a high-end salon with “Extensions starting at $2,000” on the menu of services, the salon offers fusion extensions. As far as NYC hair extensions salons, look at Gemini Salon and Loft 26 Salon.

Fusion hair extension application found on  Pinterest .

Fusion hair extension application found on Pinterest.

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