Top Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thin Hair

We all want that thick, bouncy, beautiful hair that every celebrity seems to have been blessed with (for the record, they pretty much all have hair extensions).  Thick, lush hair catches the eye and conveys youth and good health, so it's no wonder that hair extensions are increasingly popular (and if you're in the NYC area and interested in affordable, top quality human hair extensions, the Mane Society is here to help.

But you don't have to get hair extensions to create the appearance of bigger hair; volume-enhancing haircuts and hairstyles can do wonders.  Here are a few of our favorite go-big-or-go-home cuts and styles :

Deep Side Part

Deep side part for extra volume on top. Source:    Pinterest

Deep side part for extra volume on top. Source: Pinterest

See how effectively that deep part + big hair swoop creates mega volume at the roots?  This is one of the best hairstyles for creating the illusion of volume.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob.  Source:    Pinterest

Asymmetrical Bob.  Source: Pinterest

An bob cut with asymmetrical lengths on each side and angled downwards will bring the focus away from the roots, so you don't notice a lack of volume as you would with other types of hair cuts.  The deep part makes hair appear thicker as well.

Faux Bob

Faux Bob.  Source:    Pinterest

Faux Bob.  Source: Pinterest

A faux bob can make your hair so much more voluminous.  These are a bit tricky though, so here is a good tutorial to help you create this look yourself.

Hot Roller Hair

Maybe use actual rollers instead of cans though. Source:    Pinterest

Maybe use actual rollers instead of cans though. Source: Pinterest

Remember when everyone seemed to have HUGE hair?  It was the 1980s, and the cultural motto of the decade was "bigger is better", hair included.  Old school hot rollers really do wonders for creating mega volume at the roots.  Check out this tutorial!

Chop it Off!

Short and Sweet. Source:    Pinterest

Short and Sweet. Source: Pinterest

Perhaps you're thinking "Well duh!!"... but you'd be surprised by how many people grow their hair long in the hopes that more length will somehow make the hair look more full overall.  The reality is that the longer your hair gets, the more it weighs itself down, making it look flat at the roots and stringy at the ends.  Short, layered hair can vastly cover up your lack of fullness. This is typically why older women suffering from hair loss decide to go shorter.  So for bigger volume, go short!

If, however, your heart is set on long hair, there are new and exciting hair extension methods available today that affordably help tackle thin hair. (We at the Mane Society highly recommend tape-in hair extensions.)  Investing in semi-permanent hair extensions will help you achieve length and fullness like you’ve never seen.

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Hair Inspiration. Source:    Pinterest

Hair Inspiration. Source: Pinterest